Why you should choose a grazing table for your next event.

Besides the fact that a well styled grazing table can make a huge visual impact on your event, spark conversations amongst guests (they are always, always, a talking point at every event we’ve catered), they’re also on trend and a fuss free and delicious way to entertain guest.

When you think about, who really wants to go to a stiff sit-down dinner where you’re having to engage in awkward (or uninteresting) chat, restricted to the people sitting within your immediate vicinity. A grazing table instead promotes a more casual, laid back and social atmosphere where guests walk the room and ‘hang’ by the glorious table of delicious food engaging in chat. At every event we’ve catered, and where we’ve been lucky enough to still be at the venue as guests arrive, our tables have been the perfect ice breaker and immediately sets the tone and impression of the event where conversations are flowing and guests are given the freedom to set the pace of the day/evening. Not to mention how ‘on trend’ your event would be considered (grazing tables are all the craze all over Australia, Europe and the US) and all the Instagram-worthy snaps guest would be taking to share on their Insta feed!

How do grazing tables work?

It’s so simple and so easy – guests just choose what they want to eat, how much they want to eat and when! It’s complete freedom for your guests and allows them to enjoy the evening the way they want vs feeling dictated to – especially those with fussy eating habits! I’m a fussy eater, believe it or not, and I find it so awkward and uncomfortable having to always communicate what I can and can’t eat at events (for the most part I can’t eat most of the restricted plates of food offered). Grazing tables eliminate any awkwardness and allows guests to choose what they want to eat instead of limiting them to the canapés or mains offered. It also inspires experimentation where guests can pair different foods like a piece of cheese with spiced pear chutney, different cuts of charcuterie while trying new and exotic cheeses (Truffle cheeses? Berry cheese? Wine infused cheese!!), dips or antipastos they otherwise wouldn’t have tasted. The best part – if they don’t like something they can just move on to the next thing – they’re not forced to eat something they don’t want to/like and there’s no embarrassing plate of untouched food sitting in front of them . AND all your guests walk away with full and happy bellies because they got to choose what they want to eat and how much of it– success!

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The greatest benefit of having a grazing table at your event is you eliminate the stress of having to cook and feed a mass of people. You leave all the stress to us – the caterer – we’ll arrive ahead of time with all the props and foods needed to create a magnificent graze, armed with our knowledge of all the unique and amazing cheeses, charcuterie and mind-blowing condiments to satisfy the fussiest of guests. All you need to do is play host, keep the champagne/wine/beer/cocktails flowing while everyone grazes the day/night away on what they want to eat and how much of it! And trust us no one will leave hungry or dissatisfied. And you get to enjoy the night without having to worry about setting tables, clearing plates or ensuring guests have had enough to eat – you can kick up your heels and get amongst the grazing frenzy while sipping on your favourite drink and chatting away with your company of choice. HA, bliss.

In love and cheese,

Rach xox