We are home to Sydney’s famous Brie Cake

When we created these little cuties at the beginning of 2021 we didn’t think they’d create the media frenzy they attracted! All things considered now, how could they have not!

It all started when we stumbled across this little yet so unique wheel of bio-dynamic triple cream Brie. When we first tasted it, it was unlike anything we have tried – in taste and texture – and immediately wanted to add it to our premium selection. However, we had to at first, like with all our choices, pressure test our new find by holding a little taste test with our key cheese critics. After we were given 12+ thumbs up we knew it was good enough to add to our premium award-winning selection and our spreads.

Almost immediately our clients were contacting us about ‘the amazing brie’ in their orders and requesting we add a whole wheel next time. We were a little surprised at how quickly the cheese become a highly requested item – with client’s asking to purchase the little wheels individually. We quickly though ‘hmmm there’s an idea here’!!

About the same time, we had created our 1KG brie cakes which were another big hit with our clients – so the idea hit us – why not have a mini version brie cake which would make THE cutest gift! From there started playing with the aesthetic of the product and different foods we can use to create something not only visually stunning but so luxurious and special. And wallah – the Mini Brie Cake was born. Soon after we gained publicity on KiisFM’s Facebook account, then the Daily Mail to then receiving a message from News.com.au asking if they could do a video shoot of us creating the brie cake. Hells to yes – our brie cakes are FAMOUS!

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