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Stunningly decorated on wooden boards and showcasing an assortment of the high-quality award-winning foods, these beauties are guaranteed to be the stand out piece for any occasion.

We require 24 hours notice ahead of delivery. Platters will need to be cleaned and picked up or returned to the Goodness Gracious headquarters in Surry Hills within 5 days of delivery. All prices include GST. Delivery fees apply.

  • $169.00
    Grazing for 5 people. Literally over flowing with grazing goodness because we're adamant on giving you a bit of everything. The smallest member of our girl gang is stacked with...
    picnic grazing platter
  • $279.00
    "She may be petite but she's heavenly on the tastebuds" Grazing for 10 people. Literally over flowing with grazing goodness because we're adamant on giving you a bit of everything....
    Venus Platter (10 people)
  • $399.00
    “She’s coming in HOT – give this stunner some room because she’s going to make a statement” Grazing for 18 people Over flowing with grazing goodness (intentionally because we’re all...
    Arianna Platter (18 people)
  • $515.00
    "She’s a tastefully wild showstopper and always ready to shake up any party!" Grazing for up to 25 people. Enter grazing heaven. Designed to bring ALL your grazing dreams to...
    Rhea Platter (25 people)
  • $795.00
    "She'll be commanding all the attention as she quickly seduces all your senses!" Grazing for 35 people. Filled to the brim (empty spaces offend us, truly) with an assortment of...
    Gaia Platter (35 people)
  • $1,030.00
    "Mother of all feasts - this delectable lady is going to cause a scene!" Grazing for 50 people. Jam packed with a variety of high quality foods (because empty spaces...
    Selena Platter (50 people)
  • From $310.00
    “For our diary-free and meat-free platter babes, we’re bringing you ALL the flavour! “ Choose a size below. Small = $310 (56x 35cm board - pictured) 6-8 people Medium =...
    Vegan Platter
  • From $279.00
    Choose a size below. Small = $279 - 8 people (40cm circular board) Medium = $399 – up to 15 people (52cm round board) Large = $515 – up to...
    Vegetarian Platter
  • From $300.00
    'Breakfast done right with this morning delight'' Small (8-10 people) = $300 (52x52cm circular board - pictured) Medium (up to 18 people) = $445 (60x60cm board/70cm circular board)​ Large (up to...
    Aurora Breakfast Platter
  • $110.00
    "For our littles babes" For 5-8 kiddies. Bambini Platter includes: Fairy Bread Jarlsberg cheese and ham sandwiches BabyBel cheese Hummus dip crackers Truss Tomatoes and fresh fruit Small amount of sweet...
    Bambini Platter