Vegan Grazing Platter

From $310.00

“For our diary-free and meat-free platter babes, we’re bringing you ALL the flavour! “

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Small = $310 (56x 35cm board – pictured) 6-8 people

Medium = $440 (52cm round board) – up to 15 people

Large = $585 (60cm x 60cm board) – up to 20 people

Vegan Platter includes:

  • Premium vegan cheeses
    • 5-6 = small
    • 8-9 = medium
    • 12-14 = large
  • Premium vegan dips
    • 2 = small
    • 4 = medium
    • 5 = large
  • Vegan crackers and artisan bread (large platter)
  • Vegan chocolate, nougat, Turkish delight and nuts
  • Fresh and dried fruit
  • Antipasto: olives, sun-dried tomato
  • Vegetables
  • Quince paste/Fruit paste

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All vegan, entirely fresh and a total indulgence

Flavour knows no compromises — our vegan grazing platters treat you and your guests to a festive range of artisanal cheeses and crackers, fresh and dried fruits, antipasto and decadent treats. Carefully sourced, curated and displayed, our vegan platters offer an exuberant mix to bring your company together and linger over our delectable delights.

Whether you’re hosting a barbeque, family event, baby shower or need to cater the morning of your wedding day, our vegan grazing platters have something for everyone and will satisfy any craving.

With lavish servings of fine food products, you can cater to your friends and family and ensure everyone is satisfied. Easy on the eyes and your appetites, our vegan platters will generously feed up to eight people with the small platter, treat 15 with our medium platter or go big with our large option made to feed 20.

Cater to your guests and cravings with our vegan grazing platters

Fallen in love with our vegan grazing boxes? Sample our entire collection of graze platters and bring your events to life. As part of the Goodness Gracious Sydney experience, each platter we create is unique and made with seasonal products and cheeses sourced at the time of your booking. Inclusions will differ as we always strive to keep our grazes interesting and dynamic. If you have any specific requests, please let us know, and we will do our best to meet them. 

Equipment and Returns: All boards and bowls must be returned to Goodness Gracious Sydney within two days of your order. For items that cannot be returned, all items will be picked up within two days at a prearranged time. Any equipment not returned or damaged will be charged at replacement cost.

Once platters are dropped off, the client takes full responsibility for upholding food safety and ensuring food is not exposed to sunlight or left out for more than four hours.


How far in advance can you order a vegan platter?

Anytime — we only require 36 to 48 hours’ notice to curate our gourmet selection of artisanal items in your vegan grazing platter. If you have a spontaneous event that demands our luxurious touch, please get in touch with us ASAP to see what we can do.

How do you keep a vegan grazing platter cold?

Our delectable delights were made to be enjoyed a little cool and at room temperature. To keep it on the cooler side, we recommend either storing it in the fridge and removing it 30 minutes before your event commences or laying it on one to two flat and hard freeze packs.

How long can you leave a grazing platter out?

Sure to stimulate your senses and tastebuds, our vegan platters are perfect to forage and enjoy over a number of hours. We recommend leaving it out for no more than four hours, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.



6-8 People, Up to 15 People, Up to 20 People