Grazing Boxes 

Our grazing boxes are the perfect gift option for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, get well soon or congratulations celebrations. They're also a hassle-free accompaniment to a girls' or boys' night in, guys', a dinner party treat or to curb hunger pains in corporate meetings.

Orders require 24 hour notice prior to delivery date. If gifted, boxes will also include a personalised note. All prices include GST. Delivery fees apply. Delivery limited to 10km from Sydney CBD. Please contact us directly for delivery confirmation.

Vegetarian Boxes 

For our Vegetarian counterparts who want all the cheese minus all of those other bits. Filled with decadent cheeses, falefels, tahini dip, crackers, fresh and dried fruit, antipasto, dips and sweet treats to send your taste buds into a frenzy.


Small: $96 (1-3 people)

Medium: $186 (3-8 people)

Large: $249 (9-12 people) 

Fruit, yogurt and muesli Boxes

Perfect for a healthy and light brekkie or mid-afternoon to inject some grazing happiness to the day. These beauties are filled with premium creamy yogurt, gourmet muesli & granola, seasonal fruit and Australian Honey

Small box (1-2 people) = $60 *minimum two boxes*

Medium box (3-5 people) = $120

Large box (6-8 people) = $155

The Essential 'Lyss' Grazer

This essential grazing box is designed to last the distance and sprook tasteful delights of joy throughout the week - especially in isolation! Each carefully curated item comes in it's original packaging so you can choose to consume the delectable contents when you want and how you want. Either dig in immediately or simply store the carefully curated snacks to enjoy later. Filled with all the essentials for a memorable grazing experience and using only high-quality artisan products, you'll get:

  • Two decadent, high quality cheeses (Milawa, Will Studd, Jean Perrin Fromager Des Clarines)

  • Salumi Australia Salame Casareccio  

  • Freshly baked Grumpy Baker artisan bread

  • Artisan Jam (pairs perfectly with cheese)

  • Mudgee Honey and Beerenberg fruit paste

  • Bramble and Hedge luxurious nougat 

  • Gourmet chocolates and crackers 

  • Nuts and honey nuts box, dried figs, muscats 

  • Fresh berries and figs

The Lyss box also doubles over as a hugely thoughtful gift for that special someone.


Feel Good Fridays Grazing Box (Friday only)

We're adding a bit of cheesey deliciousness to your end of week wind down with our 'Feel Good Fridays' grazing box!

Available every Friday, these 25cm x 15cm boxes of goodness will include everything you'd expect from a GG graze - only difference is the contents is kept secret until you unwrap and enjoy at home with your favourite glass of wine and preferred company - be it solo, with lover, friend or pet!

What you can expect to find in these curated boxes:

  • Cheese, cheese, cheese

  • Cured meat

  • Fresh and dried fruit

  • Honey

  • Delicious crackers

  • A few surprise and delight treats


Available for pick up from Surry Hills and with limited local delivery only. Select Pick up or Local Area Delivery at the checkout.


Add On Cheese Condiments Box

Designed to compliment your GG grazes and take your grazing experience to a whole new level. Filled with all the delectable condiments you really shouldn't eat cheese without. You can add this little beauty to your GG grazing box purchase in our online store for an extra delight to enjoy!


Includes a selection of:


  • Fruit pastes (fig and pomegranate, plum and shiraz, quince, strawberry and champagne)

  • Pickled figs

  • Luxurious Bramble & Hedge nougat

  • Gourmet chocolates

  • Dried Fruit

Small $17.50

(2 x small fruit paste jars, honey, rolada, jam, dried fruit and chocolates)


Large $26

(1 x large gourmet cheese accompaniment jar, 1 x small fruit paste jar, 1 x honey pot, jam, luxurious nougat, rolada, dried fruit and chocolate.

ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Gluten and Sesame. 

Responsible consumption of grazing box contents:

Boxes are delivered chilled and should be kept refrigerated until consumption. Contents of the box and should be consumed within four hours of delivery or when removed from refrigeration. Leftovers should be refrigerated within 2 hours or discarded thereafter.

Goodness Gracious Sydney is not responsible for any resulting sickness from failing to note recommended consumption, ingredients & allergen warning, consuming and/or storing the food products safely and hygienically.

Baby GG (feeds up to 1-3 people)

Who said you can't graze alone? Or if you're feeling generous, with a friend or lover? Our Baby GG ticks all the boxes (no pun intended) and is the ultimate 'treat yourself' gift or accompaniment to any small get together. Filled with 4-5 cheeses, 18 slices of cured meat, crackers, nuts, fresh and dried fruit and sweet treats to nibble on for hours as you Netflix and chill or settle into a good goss sess.

Vegetarian option available.


Dimensions: 25.5cm x 15.5cm 

Discounts apply for bulk buys 6 or more.

GG Feast (feeds up to 4-8 people)

Pure decadence! Our GG Feast is the missing piece to any get together with friends and the ultimate gesture of elegant hosting. Filled with 6-7 cheeses, 40 slices of cured meats, 1 dip, olives, and sundried tomatoes, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, an assortment of crackers and sweets to keep you grazing all day or night long.

Vegetarian option available.



 Dimensions: 36cm x 25.5cm


GG Mega Feast (feeds up to 12-15 people)

The showstopper of our GG grazing boxes - this has it all! Filled with 8-9 cheeses, 60 slices of cured meats, 2 dips, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh and dried fruit, honey and fruit paste, sweet treats, an assortment of crackers and nuts to satisfy all savoury and sweet cravings. This is perfect for a girls or guys night in, a special occasion gift, to woo clients or as a lovely dinner guest gift for special friends/family.

Vegetarian option available.


Dimensions: 45cm x 31cm

GG Doing it for the Vegans (feeds up to 3 people) 

We love a good nut cheese here at GG and for our vegan counterparts we've created this amazing graze with the finest vegan products. Filled with a variety of cheeses, one (insanely delicious) hummus dip, crackers, vegetables and a couple of sweet treats to guarantee the perfect grazing experience.

*might occasionally include falafels*

Small: $85 (1-3 people)

Medium: $179 (3-8 people)

Large: $239 (9-12 people) 

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