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We require 24-48 hours notice ahead of delivery. Delivery fees may apply.  Free delivery to some Eastern & Inner City Suburbs. Delivery fees apply for all other areas. 

Our Online Store


We require 24 hours notice ahead of delivery. Delivery fees apply.

Venus Platter (8 people)


"She may be petite but she's heavenly on the tastebuds"Grazing for 8……

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Arianna Platter (15 people)


“She’s coming in HOT – give this stunner some room because she's going to make…

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Rhea Platter (20 people)


"She’s a tastefully wild showstopper and always ready to shake up any party!"…

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Selena Platter (40 people)


"Mother of all feasts - this delectable lady is going to cause a scene!"…

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Gaia Platter (32 people)


"She'll be commanding all the attention as she quickly seduces all your…

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Individual Grazing Boxes

From: $324.00

The fanciest and cutest way to graze without having to share the goodies with…

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Brie Cake

Mini Brie Cake


We've created the cutest, yummiest, and of course cheesiest way to say happy…

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Vegetarian Platter

From: $220.00

Choose a size below.Small = $200 - 6-8 people (56cmx35cm board - pictured)…

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The Real Brie CheeseCake

From: $98.00

Sometimes chocolate doesn't cut it - insert cheese to take your celebrations…

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Vegan Platter

From: $259.00

"For our diary-free and meat-free platter babes, we're bringing you ALL the…

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Aurora Breakfast Platter

From: $300.00

'Breakfast done right with this morning delight''Small (8-10 people) = $300…

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Bambini Platter


"For our littles babes"For 5-8 kiddies.Bambini Platter includes:Fairy…

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Dessert Platter

From: $155.00

Adding the sweet sass to the end of any meal. This babe will send you into a…

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Baby GG (1-3 people)


Who said you can't graze alone? Or if you're feeling generous, with a friend or…

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GG Feast (4-6 people)


GG Feast includes:6-7 cheeses 3-4 types of cured meats (35-40 slices) 2…

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Mega GG Feast (9-12 people)


The showstopper of our GG grazing boxes - this has it all! Mega GG Feast box…

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Vegan Grazing Box

From: $96.00

We love a good nut cheese here at GG and for our vegan counterparts we've…

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Vegetarian Grazing Box

From: $98.00

For our Vegetarian counterparts who want all the cheese minus all of those…

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