Cheese Platters 

Stunningly decorated on wooden boards and showcasing an assortment of the high-quality award-winning foods, these beauties are guaranteed to be the stand out piece to your catch up with friends, a get together with family, corporate meetings and any occasion which calls for a party. Just be prepared to share the attention with one of these delicious ladies because they’re known for their attention grabbing qualities and addictive taste.

We require 24 hours notice ahead of delivery. Platters will need to be cleaned and picked up or returned to the GG headquarters in Surry Hills within 2 days of delivery. Prices include GSTDelivery fees may apply. 

Arianna Platter

“She’s coming in HOT – give this stunner some room because she's going to make a statement"

Grazing for 15 people


Cheese Platter includes:

  • 8-9 high quality cheeses - total weight approximately 1.5kg

  • 3 types of speciality cured meats - 75 slices

  • 2 dips (Hummus, Eggplant)

  • 3 types of Antipasto: olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, feta filled peppers

  • Fresh and dried fruit

  • An assortment of crackers, nuts and chocolate 

  • Quince paste/honey


52cm x 52cm Wooden Board

cheese platter

Venus Platter

"She may be divinely small but she's heavenly on the tastebuds"

Grazing for 6-8 people


Cheese Platter includes:

  • 6-7 high quality cheeses - total weight approximately 800g

  • 3 types of cured meat - 45 slices

  • 2 dips (Hummus, Eggplant)

  • 2 types of antipasto: Olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pickles

  • Fresh and dried fruit

  • Crackers and nuts 

  • Quince paste/honey and chocolate


45cm circular board (needs to be returned)

56cm x 30cm (disposable board)

Rhea Platter

"She’s a tastefully wild showstopper and always ready to shake up any party!"

Grazing for up to 22 people


Cheese Platter includes:

  • 9-10 high quality cheeses - total weight approximately 2.4kg

  • 3-4 types of speciality cured meats - 105 slices

  • 2 dips (Hummus, Eggplant)

  • 3 types of antipasto: olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pickles

  • Fresh and dried fruit

  • Assortment of crackers

  • Chocolate & sweet treats 

  • Quince paste & honey

  • Nuts 


60cm x 60cm Wooden Board 

Gaia Platter

"Mother of all feasts - this lady is going to cause a scene!"

Grazing for 32-35 people


Cheese Platter includes:

  • 11-13 high quality cheeses - total weight approximately 3.3kg

  • 4-5 types of speciality cured meats - 155 slices

  • 3 dips

  • 4 types of Antipasto: Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, feta peppers

  • Fresh and dried fruit

  • Locally baked artisan bread and an assortment of crackers

  • Chocolate & sweet treats 

  • Fruit paste, honey, pickled figs

  • Nuts 


63cm x 100cm Wooden Board  


grazing platter
Breakfast platter

Aurora Breakfast Platter

'This delightful beauty is what you want to wake to in the morning''

Small (6-8 people) = $300 (52x52cm circular board - pictured) 

Medium (up to 18 people) = $425 (60x60cm board/70cm circular board)

Large (up to 30 people) = $600 (63x100cm board - pictured)


Breakfast Platter includes:

  • Artisan pastries - mini croissants, danishes and sultana swirls

  • Mini quiches 

  • Locally baked artisan bread 

  • Artisan jams

  • Ham off the bone

  • Prosciutto (medium and large platters)

  • Vintage cheddar

  • Double brie (medium and large platters)

  • Yogurt cups

  • Seasonal fruit

  • Double brie 

Vegetarian options also available.

Vegan Platter

"For our diary-free and meat-free platter babes, we're bringing you ALL the flavour! "

Small = $290 (56cmx35cm board - pictured) 

Medium = $485 (60x60cm board)

Large = $670 (63x100cm board)


Vegan Platter includes:

  • Premium vegan cheeses

    • 4 = small

    • 7 = medium

    • 10 = large  

  • Premium vegan dips

    • 2 = small

    • 4 = medium

    • 5 = large 

  • Vegan crackers and artisan bread (large platter)

  • Vegan chocolate, Turkish delight and nuts

  • Fresh and dried fruit

  • Antipasto: olives, sun-dried tomato

  • Vegetables 

  • Quince paste OR honey

Kids platter

Bambini Platter

"For our littles babes"

For 5-8 kiddies


Bambini Platter includes:

  • Fairy Bread

  • Jarlsberg cheese and ham sandwiches

  • BabyBel cheese

  • Hummus dip + crackers

  • Truss Tomatoes and fresh fruit

  • Small amount of sweet treats 

cheese platter

Why choose a platter over a grazing table? 

Cheese platters are a great fuss free option if you'd prefer a lighter graze for guests or if you'd like appetisers ahead of a main meal: cheese board + wine = perfect start to any get together whether it be a corporate or social event!


Our grazing platters and cheese boards are dropped off already prepared - all you need to do is unwrap the platter and serve to guests. Some of our grazing platters look like take away grazing tables making them a great solution for events where there isn't enough time at the venue to set up a grazing table ahead of time. We'll literally drop off the grazing platters just before the start of your event and guests can start grazing immediately.

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