Cheeses & Charcuterie

Our pride is in the food we source and showcase on all our spreads.

Oozing quality, showcasing decadence and inspiring moments of pleasure is what we strive for at Goodness Gracious. We've built long standing relationships with select suppliers and local artisan to create unique, out-of-this-world, grazes for our clients. 

Selection of Cheeses *subject to change due to availability & our desire to surprise and delight with new discoveries*

Selected from local and international cheese makers this star studded line up includes:

Cloth Bound Aged Cheddar

This award winning beauty has been hand selected by a prominent English cheese maker in the industry. The Cheddar is rich and buttery offering outstanding depth of flavour, which develops as it reaches the back of the palate. Having won awards at the British Cheese Awards, World Cheese Awards, International Cheese Awards and Great Taste Awards it's pedigree speaks for itself.

Soft Mould Cheese

Using a selection of Australian and French double and triple creme cheeses these additions ooze decadence on our spreads. Sourced from award winning artisans in South Australia and from French provinces.

Truffle Pecorino 

The Italian stallion of our spreads - this al tartufo is produced on the island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy. This cheese is an unforgettably dense and fudgy pecorino laced with thick veins of black truffle giving it a big bold and luxurious taste.

Aged Manchego

The King of Spanish Cheeses this DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Manchego is another award winner which adheres to a strict set of traditional codified rules to guarantee quality and authentic profiles. The cheese is has a very characteristic, well-developed aroma with toffee tones and hints of hazelnut.

Wensleydale and Cranberries

One of the oldest cheese variety is England, this Cranberry infused cheese is the perfect dessert to finish off our grazes and a huge favourite with our clients. 

Mature Cheddar with Cranberries

Taking sliver at the Nantwich international awards, we went through a dozen of suppliers before we were able to find this beauty. A mature white Cheddar with ripe, juicy cranberries diffused throughout.

Persian style Cow and Goats Feta

Another World Cheese Awards International winner, this Australian produced soft cheese is made by a prominent Australian cheese artisan from South Australia. The cheese is marinated with a selection of herbs and set in olive and vegetable oil to give it a creamy luxurious texture.

Pico Goats Cheese

This petite international award winning beauty is produced in France and has a rich and buttery creaminess and tender rind balancing it's delicate flavour. This babe is a big favourite going at the moment.

Washed Rind

A multiple award winner and made by a highly reputed Australian cheese maker, this cheese has a soft interior with a slightly gritty rind and a rich, almost smokey, nutty flavour. While stinky in nature this cheese is known for it's large following amongst cheese enthusiast. 

Selection of Charcuterie 

Settling for only quality and DOP certified cuts, our selection of charcuterie meats are our melt in your mouth favourites:

San Daniele Prosciutto 

Made in Italy in accordance with the DOP regulations, this heavy pig leg has been carefully cured for a minimum of 16 months to develop a strong fragrance and a sweet, delicate, flavour. Slices are soft and melt in your mouth.

Prosciutto Parma

Made in Italy using heavy pig legs and in accordance with the DOP regulations, this cut is hung for a long time after salting for gradual curing (up to 24 months) to achieve a very distinctive fragrance, flavour and personality.

Homestyle Salami

Delicately flavoured using salt and pepper, this salami doesn't rely on any heavy spices for flavour instead focusing on the quality of the pork used. Stuffed into a curved natural casing, hand-tied and then slowly cured to perfection


A recipe from northeast Italy using wine and garlic to infuse flavour - you can smell this Sopressa before it reaches your taste buds.


Made using the neck and shoulder of the pig, this succulent and delicate cut has been seasoned with spices and delicately smoked to add a flavourful kick. Sourced from a well known Italian curator.

Smoked Mortadella

Not your typical mortadella, this cut is sourced from a well known local artisan, made the traditional way by emulsifying pork shoulder and jowl together. It has a very simple seasoning of cinnamon, black pepper and olives. Unlike other mortadella, it is then smoked for 10 hours with apple wood and iron bark. 

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