Who are GG?

...and these self professed grazing connoisseurs?


Hello my fellow grazing lovers!! I'm Rachel, the founder and operator behind Goodness Gracious Sydney, here to tell you a little about us.


One of the greatest values we uphold at GG is our promise of fresh and high quality ingredients. All products included on our grazing tables, grazing platters and in our grazing boxes are sourced the day of or the day prior to your event in order to guarantee the GG standard we stand by. All the meats, cheeses, fruits and grazing accompaniments are of the highest quality and sourced from reputable, and at times, award winning suppliers. Our meats and cheeses are a mix of local and European producers while our fruit and vegetables are purchased from local suppliers to ensure in season freshness and that our spreads are full to the brim with the GG gold standard goodness. No board left uncovered is our motto – abundance is the signature GG look!

All of our platters, boxes and grazing tables are prepped and managed at the GG headquarters in Marrickville where we operate from a commercial premises within a landmark supermarket called Banana Joe’s Foodworks. This guarantees the hygienic and appropriate handling of the foods we include in our spreads and contributes to the freshness guarantee we promise our clients. So while we’re full to the brim with goodness, we’re also food safety conscious and care for your bellies too!

We’re a collaborative bunch at GG too! We’re open to suggestions, new partnerships, and are always on the hunt to include unique and enjoyable things in our spreads. Whether it’d be a specific client request to have something included or altered in our spreads or a unique proposition from a business (large or small) we’re open to see where the magic of creative minds takes us. Simply get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!


Team GG

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